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these :3
Simple, adorable fullbodies of characters. turquoise star And cheap, too! I can do humans and furries, but furries might look off. little star  I only shade eyes for these, or any other shiny things turquoise star  Any character design will do, I'm not afraid but I might butcher older people or muscular looking dudes. little star  Check out gallery and my OCs' references to see more examples turquoise star 
Divider rainbow-comet  middle 2 
if you're worried i'm underpricing myself don't worry, these babies don't take me too much time and they are silly fun i just thought it would be great to earn some cash if only a little :0

For me :3

[Gift] Gracelynn by Yukiokocchi [Gift] Gracelynn :iconyukiokocchi:Yukiokocchi 8 2 Gracelynn bluebell (gift) by painterjade Gracelynn bluebell (gift) :iconpainterjade:painterjade 2 2 Nano (Still) for canz0ne by foxsleeps Nano (Still) for canz0ne :iconfoxsleeps:foxsleeps 5 4 Nano for canz0ne by foxsleeps Nano for canz0ne :iconfoxsleeps:foxsleeps 3 2 When I want to draw something cute... by EpicKangaroo When I want to draw something cute... :iconepickangaroo:EpicKangaroo 5 4 shizuka by foksiii shizuka :iconfoksiii:foksiii 4 2 mei by foksiii mei :iconfoksiii:foksiii 6 2 aika by foksiii aika :iconfoksiii:foksiii 5 0 sunflower by foksiii sunflower :iconfoksiii:foksiii 3 2 nightmare by foksiii nightmare :iconfoksiii:foksiii 7 2 Just going to by Sin-Sama-Sempai Just going to :iconsin-sama-sempai:Sin-Sama-Sempai 13 4 :.Rika Nam.: by Zager15 :.Rika Nam.: :iconzager15:Zager15 11 11

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Journal Entry: Sun May 28, 2017, 2:28 PM
Tagged by amazing :iconcheaterprintpanther: thank you very much I can't describe how much I love to do these memes and stuff.


-Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged

-Write 13 things about yourself

-Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions

-Tag 13 deviants. 

-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"

-It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

-No tagging back.

(man the rules are harsh, i wont judge you if you dont do it, don't listen to them, don't tag anyone it should be about fun ;;)

13 facts about yours truly 

  • my main interes in life are zoology, linguistics, etymology, pokemon and my ocs.
  • i really love making theories and headcanons for pokemon. it has a lot of scientific potential.
  • i have been creating ocs since i was in elementary school and i love to talk about them with people.
  • i always wanted to be a writer or a voice actress, but my current dream is to become a book translator. it doesn't pay great but lies well within my interests.
  • i am really awkward around people and would prefer to live in the wilderness in a rustic house.
  • i can eat everything with garlic sauce, including fruit or ice cream.
  • i never paid attention at school and rarely did my homework but somehow managed to get well over 80% on most of my finals... excluding maths, only 52% here, but oh well, 30% was necessary to pass, i'll take it
  • i really really really love my girlfriend/best friend and i want to get my driver's license and go to her place :sad: 
  • am i the only one who thinks that daddy kink is... gross. while i understand why some people have it, i have something akin to mommy kink?? i guess i still wouldn't put this much power into my boyfriend's hands. 
  • see i may be kind of prejudiced against men? i dont exactly hate them but i'm kind of afraid of showing any interest in them... cis boys i mean... a man in the possesion of a penis... how scary
  • i love it when people talk to me. and yet they don't.  
  • i get discouraged easily, far too easily. someone once told me i used a character name too much in my story and since then i haven't really wrote anything?
  • i never held hands.

1. How are you?

I'm fine but stressed, I guess. I will have to do some mock tests tomorrow because I don't want to waste another week if I fail the one I have on Tuesday. My driving teacher doesn't let us actually drive until we pass the test. It's the exactly the same one as the state exam :crying: rvmp 

2. What's your favorite game?

That would be Pokemon. Right now I'd say Pokemon Sun, but White will always have a special place in my heart. I'm replaying Omega Ruby right now. And playing Stardew Valley in my free time.

3. What's the best thing that's ever happened to you?


4. What are you afraid of?

Mostly wasps, but also bridges (it's stupid but I feel like I'm fat enough to let it break) and ghosts (yeah, I believe in them). While I'm not afraid of death I kind of worry people will forget about me (while not doing anything to let them remember me)

5. Single or Taken?

Yeah. Taken, I mean. 

6. What song describes you?

7. Who's your favorite OC?

Yumka's Solleno. You mean... mine? 
Gracie by canz0ne
Who doesn't love Grace? I do love her. 

8. Why did you join Deviantart?

My OCs need attention to live and all my 'online people' must be quite bored of them already. So I decided to let them meet some new people, new fans, ya know. And meeting new people turned out to be a good idea for me too!

9. What's your favorite school subject?

The English class in the last year of high school was really cool! We had this new teacher and his sense of humor was great. Come to think of it, English in middle school was great too, especially after school classes. Only I attended them, you see I had this cute teacher and I couldn't pass spending en extra hour with her. We were solving high school exams. I was slightly faster but made a mistake or two more. Sweating a little... 
While I didn't like German at school I had real fun taking German course. Had four hours of German a day, every single working day, for around a year but it was??? really cool.  

10. What is your favorite snack?

I love me apples.

11. What's your secret superpower?

I have 100% survival rate so far in my life.

12. Which one of the Seven Dwarfs resembles you?

I like to think I'm the Doc. 

13. How would you describe the internet in one sentence?

Connecting freaks since 1990s.

My questions (I won't apologize for art):

1. Do you let yourself be clickbaited often? (counting the times you know it's a clickbait)
2. Would your rather relive your early childhood or school years? 
3. If you could have any of your Internet pals be your irl friend, who would it be?
4. You can get yourself the fanciest tattoo for free, but it's going to cover a large part of your arm. Would you do it?
5. You have to date one FNAF animatronic. Who is going to be the lucky robot? ;)
6. Would you let a bee sting you for $50? (Remember, the bee would die)
7. Would you rather passionately kiss or kill your current avatar?
8. Which are cooler, eagles, owls or crows? 
9. What's your favorite meme that isn't visual?
10. Do you think plants are just as cool as animals?
11. Which is the right choice:
  • killing one of the two last remaining animals in a species to save a human (animal will go extinct but the human will survive)
  • making sure the animal lives without the guarantee that the person will live? (the species will survive, but the person might die)
12. Do people who have crushes on anime/cartoon characters imagine themselves in the show's style or the character realistic?
13. Does water? 

I tag these dorks:

And anyone can answer my questions, especially the 11th, I love moral dilemmas. If cool people I have tagged don't want to do it they can just answers my questions in the comments. :happybounce: 
Thanks for sticking around! Love  

  • Listening to: Helpless, thinking of my gf
  • Reading: Traffic code :/ :/
  • Watching: my life go before my eyes
  • Playing: PKMN Omega Ruby
  • Eating: Not food
  • Drinking: Pepsi, because I want to kill my sleeping routine


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